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Every home in Odessa is dependent on a venting system or chimney that works properly. If the chimney or venting system doesn’t work as they are supposed to, the heating system, therefore, will not work as well. A dirty chimney has a huge potential to damage the chimney structure and its components by way of a creosote chimney fire. A chimney fire can also put you and your family at risk for loss of property and or loss of life. A regular professional chimney sweep in Odessa, TX, and inspection is the best place to begin if you are looking to achieve a safer, more efficient chimney system.

Chimney Sweeps Keep Your Family Safe

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends your chimney should be cleaned and inspected annually.

Any Fireplace, stove or insert that burns combustible materials, such as wood, coal or hardwood pellets should have their chimney’s cleaned & inspected on a regular basis.

When an individual burns combustible materials, those materials create smoke and as the smoke cools it creates a by-product, known as creosote. This creosote is a build-up that occurs on the interior linings of the chimney. This creosote can become flammable when this build-up becomes excessive, usually around 1/4″ or greater. Once you have the excessive creosote build-up, all it takes is a hot fire or even sparks to ignite the creosote fire. This is why it’s imperative to call us for your chimney sweep in Odessa, TX.


Chimney Sweeps You Can Trust

When you call us for chimney sweep in Odessa, TX, you can expect the following done:

  • Firebox & exterior chimney brick/mortar joints
  • Damper system
  • Hearth protection(such as fire retardant rugs and properly installed hearths)
  • Proper screen or glass doors
  • Lintel seals
  • Smoke chambers
  • Smoke shelves
  • Flue pipe
  • Flue liners
  • Flue connections
  • Storm collars
  • Roof-to-chimney flashing
  • Crowns/washes and termination caps/spark arrestors.

About Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are something every chimney should have installed. A chimney cap can be constructed of galvanized, stainless steel and even copper. Most of our chimney caps mount to a flue liner or the cement crown at the top of the chimney.  A chimney cap has 3 basic components- a lid/cover with an overhang to prevent rain from entering the chimney, a screen mesh to prevent birds or other small animals from entering the chimney/home and a reinforced mounting base. I do not recommend using any other method of mounting a cap to a chimney, such as leg kits or tensioners. These forms of mounts can eventually release the cap, causing the cap to become a flying projectile, especially in high winds.  There maybe an additional charge for installing a chimney cap. All of our chimney cap installations and our stainless steel & copper caps do come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our galvanized caps are painted black and come with a 5-year warranty. We do stock a wide variety of cap sizes and mounts, but in some cases, we may have to order a cap to get a proper fit, which may need to be custom or semi-custom.  We also carry specialty caps, such as the copper “Chess Piece” style.


FAQs About Our Chimney Sweep in Odessa, TX

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends getting your chimney inspected at least once a year.

This will depend on the severity of the repair. A typical chimney repair ranges in cost. For a more exact cost, request your free quote today!

This depends on the situation triggering the need for repair. Chimney repair is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance if it’s due to an unforeseen event.

It is very important to have the fireplace and chimney inspected, for any structural problems occurring from normal “wear & tear”,  weather related damages, or from a previous chimney fire that may have occurred.  

If you are buying a home, you may decide you need to get the fireplace/chimney inspected for potential hidden or unknown structural damages. This may save a home buyer from getting stuck with expensive repairs on a house they just newly purchased. An inspection consists of a visual inspection done at the time chimney is cleaned.